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Category: Success

  • Performance

    ✨One should remember while performing an action that past is dead ,future is yet unborn hence concentration on present fully can only bring out excellence In performance ! Happy Monday ✨

  • Attention to mean

    ✨As we think, so we succeed, so we become. Attention to means ensures the end . Thank you so much for your precious time and Presence on my website 🙏

  • Scientist

    Along with God, we should also worship the scientists who have made our lives Easy & Meaningful by making great inventions. My Respect to our great People’s 🙏

  • Five Fingers need Balance !

    All the five fingers are not equal, we can use the hand only when all the five fingers cooperate equally. This Five Fingers Tells Us, To do any work in life, we have to maintain balance in these things. ✨ Our Truth and Trust. ✨ Our wisdom and Positivity. ✨ Our Hard work and maturity. […]

  • Want is WANT .

    For the one who has the desire to get something, every second of 24 hours is equal, it doesn’t matter whether it is getting dark {night} or light {Day } Be inspired and motivated always ! Kiran✨

  • You Are Mine

    My Few Words for My God ! Dear God, ✨Your Love is loyal like My Soul. ✨Your Togetherness is pure like Peace. ✨Your Faith is True like My Heartbeats. There is No Doubt Between You & Me. ✨And I Can say with Full Assurance & Guarantee YOU ARE MINE & I LOVE YOU FOREVER. ✨Love […]

  • Be Materialistic .

    Money , time and work are proportional to each other. If you spend your time in something (any work ) , then you definitely need money. Because we are living in materialistic world. We need materials for Everything . And it’s okay to Be materialistic ! Kiran 🙏

  • Karma

    Human being is the best creature created by God. Man is bound by deeds. One does not experience heaven or hell after death, but only in a same life. Karma makes a person’s karma ,God has given man the freedom to do his work, it depends on the man in which direction he turns his […]

  • Goals .

    ✨Needs And Desires Decide your Goals. ✨Hard-Work And Dedication push you to Reach Goals. Kiran 🙏 😊 Happy Monday ✨