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Category: Life

  • Good one

    ✨Everyone wants good, first look inside yourself, make yourself good because the one who you want also wants good. Kiran🙏

  • Merge not propose

    Temporary love proposes because they are not sure for their partner.True love merges because they don’t want choices to propose. I want to merge not propose ! Kiran 🙏 Happy Monday to all my Readers 🤗

  • Date as soulmate

    ✨Unless you know the difference & worth between polished Diamond 💍 And Raw One 💎. ✨Don’t be a DATE of SOME as RATE🥀! ✨Be a DATE of SOMEONE as SOULMATE🌹! 😍Kiran.

  • Power

    Too often we underestimate the power of ; A kind words & Emotions. A listening Ear. A touch with Right intention. An Honest Compliment. A True proposal. A Smile of Hope. A Trust of Togetherness. The smallest Act of Caring. All of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~kiran.


  • Scientist

    Along with God, we should also worship the scientists who have made our lives Easy & Meaningful by making great inventions. My Respect to our great People’s 🙏

  • ✨REALIZATION IS ENOUGH ! ✨When you Realized keep yourself quiet, don’t say a word, don’t argue, don’t prove right or wrong, because time itself proves everything. ✨Don’t waste your Energy, your politeness, your positivity just be silent ! Kiran🙏

  • You Are Mine

    My Few Words for My God ! Dear God, ✨Your Love is loyal like My Soul. ✨Your Togetherness is pure like Peace. ✨Your Faith is True like My Heartbeats. There is No Doubt Between You & Me. ✨And I Can say with Full Assurance & Guarantee YOU ARE MINE & I LOVE YOU FOREVER. ✨Love […]

  • You can’t buy !

    ✨Physically you can buy whatever you want, human beings buy not only animals but also human beings. ✨but, nobody can buy anyone emotionally ✨neither me nor you ✨You cannot buy anyone’s emotions, but you can make them yours by loving them. When you go to buy a person or an animal first keep the money […]

  • Remind yourself

    ✨Everyday I wake up with Reminder’s for Me : ✨I’m a pure soul of My God & I want to be a pure ,True & Honest Forever . ✨I’m a Sincere Daughter of My Parent’s & I want to keep it Forever . ✨I will be a Obedient Girl of My Husband & I will […]