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Category: Inspiration

  • EVER.

    ✨It is your WISH how you use EVER. ✨AS NEVER ! ✨AS FOREVER ! ✨TAKE CARE while choosing and KEEP in MIND both will be CHOOSES only ONCE and will be PERMANENT either there will be GAIN or there will be LOSS. ✨BE CAREFULL ( WHEN YOU TAKE ANY DECISION IN LIFE ) ✨Kiran 🙏


  • Space For Space.

    Remember that , To Make SPACE, You Have To Do SPACE .Without Creating SPACE, You Cannot Create SPACE Anywhere. Kiran 🙏✨ Thank you so much for your precious time and Presence on my Post.😊

  • Everyone NEEDS Help .

    Reality of life We are CAUGHT in the CYCLE of WORLD where we are DEPENDENT on EACH OTHER in one way or the other.A SINGLE person cannot LIVE inside this CIRCLE, everyone NEEDS each other’s HELP even if they don’t WANT to. BE KIND . BE SYMPATHETIC . GIVE what you have KINDLY and ACCEPT […]

  • Mind

    MIND is not a DUSTBIN to keep Anger , Jealousy , Feelings of Discrimination and Negativity But it’s a TREASURE BOX to keep , Love , Happiness , peace of mind ,sweet memories and Positivity . Swami Vivekananda ji 🙏. Kiran 🙂. Happy And Prosperous Monday To all My Readers 🤗💕.

  • Trust


  • Feelings are Worthy .

    Don’t COUNT the PRIZE of the GIFT, COUNT the WORTH of FEELINGS attached to IT. Kiran 🙏 HAPPY WEEKEND TO ALL MY READERS 💕. THANK YOU for your PRESENCE on my Post ( A precious Gift for me 🙏❤️) .

  • Simplicity .

    It doesn’t MATTER how you LOOK , because your APPEARANCE is not your BEAUTY but your SIMPLICITY. BE Simple ! Kiran🙏😊

  • Better , even More Better !

    ✨Forget about what we didn’t have assuming it WASN’T better, what we HAVE is really GOOD,Whatever we will get in Future according to our HARD WORK and LUCK will be even MORE better Than our PRESENT. 🤗Be Happy . Kiran 🙏😌

  • Thinking is the Version .🤔

    THINKING is the Pre Version of the ACTIONS to COME. When you FEEL that you are getting DISTRACTED from your GOAL or your ATTENTION is getting DIVERTED and if you are feeling LAZY. Then you have to THINK immediately, ✨Think ABOUT YOURSELF – WHAT you are now and what you WANT to ACHIEVE. ✨Think AROUND […]

  • No One is Allowed .

    Always Remember, ✨No One is Allowed ✨To speak badly about someone. ✨To make fun of someone’s conditions. ✨To take advantage of someone’s innocence. ✨To ruin someone’s wishes and intentions. Kiran 🙏 ✨I always Appreciate you , Thank you so much for putting your valuable time to my thoughts ! 🙃