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Category: Inspiration

  • Scientist

    Along with God, we should also worship the scientists who have made our lives Easy & Meaningful by making great inventions. My Respect to our great People’s 🙏

  • Wisdom for Quarrels

    ✨Quarrels and problems are not resolved by fighting or rampageousness but with intelligence or peace. Happy Monday ,I hope you all have a great week ahead 🤗 thank you so much 🙏 BE HUMAN ! ✨Kiran

  • Be like !

    ✨Be like water Not luxurious but valuable for life. ✨Be like Air Shapeless but Necessary for Living. ✨Be like Fire Rough but straight. ✨Be like Land Open but Meaningful. You are The creator of your Own. BE LIKE WHAT DEFINE YOU ! Kiran🙏

  • Five Fingers need Balance !

    All the five fingers are not equal, we can use the hand only when all the five fingers cooperate equally. This Five Fingers Tells Us, To do any work in life, we have to maintain balance in these things. ✨ Our Truth and Trust. ✨ Our wisdom and Positivity. ✨ Our Hard work and maturity. […]


  • ✨REALIZATION IS ENOUGH ! ✨When you Realized keep yourself quiet, don’t say a word, don’t argue, don’t prove right or wrong, because time itself proves everything. ✨Don’t waste your Energy, your politeness, your positivity just be silent ! Kiran🙏

  • Want is WANT .

    For the one who has the desire to get something, every second of 24 hours is equal, it doesn’t matter whether it is getting dark {night} or light {Day } Be inspired and motivated always ! Kiran✨

  • You Are Mine

    My Few Words for My God ! Dear God, ✨Your Love is loyal like My Soul. ✨Your Togetherness is pure like Peace. ✨Your Faith is True like My Heartbeats. There is No Doubt Between You & Me. ✨And I Can say with Full Assurance & Guarantee YOU ARE MINE & I LOVE YOU FOREVER. ✨Love […]

  • I can’t serve worthless People’s

    Whatever The Relation is I put myself Honestly & Truely with my full Efforts & Energy with the hope of FOREVER . But , Once I Realized my Worth in others life, I Stop Everything Silently & Move Forward Quietly . Because , Me ,My words & My Emotions are worthy and totally pure for […]

  • You can’t buy !

    ✨Physically you can buy whatever you want, human beings buy not only animals but also human beings. ✨but, nobody can buy anyone emotionally ✨neither me nor you ✨You cannot buy anyone’s emotions, but you can make them yours by loving them. When you go to buy a person or an animal first keep the money […]

  • Remind yourself

    ✨Everyday I wake up with Reminder’s for Me : ✨I’m a pure soul of My God & I want to be a pure ,True & Honest Forever . ✨I’m a Sincere Daughter of My Parent’s & I want to keep it Forever . ✨I will be a Obedient Girl of My Husband & I will […]