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A person should have maturity, but he should not be so mature that he stops seeing the difference between right and wrong. Maturity with Ego blinds a man & he can’t understand the true feelings.

Be Mature, because maturity is Understanding but don’t loss power of Understanding in Ego which generally comes after abundance, Success & Maturity !



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  1. shivatje


    Aum Shanti

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much 🙏

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  2. Maryanne

    So true. I’ve noticed that people who want to appear mature are on autopilot. It’s as if they are living through a book of life in black and white instead of technocolor. They express extreme hatred for something that doesn’t line up with their views without seeing the whole picture. A true mature person is open-minded, sees the world in more ways than just their own, and doesn’t take what another person says so literally.

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    1. Kiran

      I appreciate your words and you. I’m definitely agree with your POV. thank you so much 🙏☺️♥️


  3. katiemiafrederick

    SMiLes Sadly Dear Kiran

    Some Confuse Power For Maturity

    And Forget Their Place in Respect of
    Others With Least Harm As Love Turns

    Into Lust
    For RiSinG

    Higher As

    Love Forgets

    Maturity of Putting
    Other People First Instead of Last
    For It’s True When We Put People
    First We Naturally Inherit Love Meek This

    Gift to Actually
    BREaTHE Free…

    Hehe SMiLes of Course
    That Depends On Who
    We Is And Actually Does The Do..:)


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