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Nowadays people’s Reality

words change like the wind.

emotions flow like water.

Moments become memories even before time passes.

Relationships turn from stone to soil.

Instead of stumbling again and again with such people and in such relationships, it is better to be alone.

When you feel the relationship may be changing with changing times, then give yourself pain and distance yourself from such relationships & to fill the gap forget Everything and Be Alone, Be You, Be happy !



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  1. vermavkv

    Very nice

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you 🙏


  2. utahan15

    stone in love
    cracked by cold water
    be ye a son or a daughter

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  3. katiemiafrederick

    iNDeeD Dear Kiran

    All is Change At

    Best We Ride The

    Waves Of Ocean Whole

    Without Attempting to Hold

    The Water in Our Fists

    Or Punch The

    Ocean As

    Of Course

    Ocean Returns
    Unharmed As
    We May Do too
    If We Remain Water
    And Formless ThiS Way True..:)

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much dear SmiLes 😊

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  4. helenaolwage

    Loved it! No other words to describe

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    1. Kiran

      I’m glad you Loved it 😌Thank you so much 🙏 I appreciate your words and you.

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