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You a different you.

✨Every level of Your Life wants you a different You.

Change yourself and accept that change because changes are necessary to change you !

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  1. shivatje


    Aum Shanti

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much ☺️🙏✨

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  2. utahan15

    are they?
    about the image i project
    just so

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  3. Yaksh singh

    Your thoughts are amazing👍😊

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much yaksh ☺️🙏

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  4. katiemiafrederick

    SMiLes Dear Kiran iNDeeD
    Every Breath PasseS AWaY

    FoR A NeW You Us Them
    We And i BesT iNHaLinG


    NoW For All To BREaTHE WitHiN
    iNSiDE OuTSiDE ABoVE BeLoW ALL Around

    Even For What We Wish

    To See Feel and Sense

    Of Our Loved Ones

    Gone Would We Ever
    Be Able to Expect Them
    To Be The SaME Duplicate

    Human Being as Every Breath
    iS A New LiFE to Be Us Them
    We i And You For Real True What

    About All Our Super Heroes Both iN MYtH
    And Fiction And For Real Do We have The Right

    To Exercise THeiR Free Will Relatively SPeaKinG

    And Command Them Us We i And You Who To Be

    You See It Doesn’t ‘Matter’ One Way or Another As

    THere Are More Parts of We WorKinG ToGeTHeR

    to Make Us Human Being in Synergy Even More

    Than Our Conscious Minds Will Ever Be Able

    To Grasp Ever Changing That iS Only Them

    And Us And We And You And me Newly

    NoW iN Every Breath We Take And
    So Much More Beyond All Human

    Measure of Conscious MiND

    mY FRiEnD Our Realities

    Ever Changing The Constant

    oF THiS ENTiRE ReALiTY For

    Real at Least As Far As Tiny Human

    Beings Will View my FRiEnD Yet The Good

    News Is Change The Ultimate Gift to Adapt Now to All
    Environmental And Innate Struggle to BeCoME A New
    Creation Now Every Breath We Take Star LoVE iN Peace

    FLoWeRS Seeds We ReMain to Spread New Every Gift This

    Life Every


    THiS Breath
    NoW EVeR Changing New
    With SMiLEs At Best For ALL mY FRiEnD
    Thank You NoW As Always For iNSPiRinG So Much
    New Dance And Song of mY SouL STill To CoMe to Be NeW..:)

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much dear SmiLes 😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. katiemiafrederick

        SMiles Dear Kiran
        Happy Close to
        Midnight Indian
        Dreams With
        SMiles on Tuesday
        Wednesday Soon

        For You
        With SMiles☺️🏝🙏

        Liked by 2 people

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