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Give Reason.

✨EVERYONE needs a reason to do anything.

✨Why should people RESPECT you?

✨HONOUR your own WORDS, your own ACTIONS, your own DECISIONS, when you respect YOURSELF and OTHER’S for the SAME , Then PEOPLE will get a REASON to RESPECT you.


Wishing you all a Great Day/ Evening 🤗


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  1. utahan15

    dig high on drugs
    to stop the drip
    oh boy~

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    1. Kiran



      1. utahan15

        fr sam rock solid.

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  2. tamweary


    But above all [things], my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath; but let your yes be [a simple] yes, and your no be [a simple] no, so that you may not sin and fall under condemnation. (James 5:12)

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  3. Kiran

    Thank you so much 🙏😊I appreciate your words .


  4. katiemiafrederick

    Reasons Reasons Reasons Reasons
    Oh Yes Dear Kiran Now Clock Striking

    Midnight New Wee Hour Present Gift

    Moment Yes On November 25, 2022

    12 Years i’ve Been Writing Online

    Never Missing A Day Coming

    Here in Desperate Attempt

    to Get my Mind Off the

    Suicide Disease Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
    No Drug Would Touch For me Wake to Sleep for
    66 Months Pain So Severe in Right Eye and Ear

    Not Able to Withstand Light or Sound Turning
    The Screen Yes All the Way Down in Brightness
    Not Even Able to Endure Then Increasing Pain

    Corrective Lens in Shades Brought Lord Having
    To Get Just A Few Inches Away From the Screen

    Every Word A Mountain of Pain Never Knowing
    if i Could Make it To the Next Second Yet Writing

    Kept me Alive From Wake To Sleep Each and Every

    Day Until All the Pain of Soul And Body Went Away
    on July 19th, 2013, And i Started “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    on August 18, 2013 All 11.1 MiLLioN Words Coming

    Out of Hell into Poetry And Dance of Soul mY FRiEnD
    As 17,496 Miles Continue to Accumulate Yes in Hell You

    Just Keep Breathing You Just Get Up When You Can/Will
    And Walk if You Can/Will/Do Without Stumbling As The Oxygen

    May no Longer Travel to A Brain Then So Easy in Hell True 18 Other
    Medical Disorders too All Pain and Numb Gone Away With Poetry
    of Soul Coming in Free Dance And Song Reason to Live Art to Be

    i Am Essence
    Of Dance and
    Song of Soul Free i Do
    With SMiLes Dear Kiran FRiEnD..:)



    Hey this is great!!

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much ☺️🙏


  6. Aish

    Good advise!

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    1. Kiran

      Thank you so much 😌🙏


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